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    Has anyone gotten the mod_auth_mysql either source or dso to compile under 10.2? If so can you please help a guy out by explaining anything special you did, I get the following error when I try to run it.
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    sendmail problems I got sendmail and POP3 setup because of this site
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    london calling!
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    I don't know what to say...

    Herve dances in strawberry fields forever!
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    Whiners on the Board

    No if you were pope and expected me to kiss your ring I would spit on your hand, I will only kiss it if you are trying to punch me because then you would be so confused you would walk away and it would end the violence.
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    Whiners on the Board

    BTW Admiral if you punched me in the nose I would kiss your knuckle:D
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    Meeting in the Big Apple

    MacWorld SF is coming in January, why not meet up there for us left coasters!
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    Macworld San Francisco

    I'd love to put a facce to the confusion, whom ever is coming to mac world sf we should meet up for drinks, (or kool-aid if you are underage)!
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    Intense Orange

    I loveintense Grey, btw have you thopugh of intense beige, thats a judybats song, but seriously for my work environment the intense grey is awesome!
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    Whiners on the Board

    Hey guys I have noticed recently there has been a lot of personal attacks and whining going on. This board is about opinions and just because someone does not share yours does not make them "stupid", "morons" or any such. There are many discussions that I partake in that I disagree with people...
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    Computer Headache(whatever)

    This has gone on far to long!:D
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    I'm moving to canada...

    If you don't stand up now when do you decide to stand up for your rights? Do you say its ok that they came to take away my neighbor because they haven't taken away my family? Som people chose to fight with arms and joining the military, I chose to fight with my intelect and words and...
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    Should I join the AirForce?

    I am a High-school drop out I was on my own and homeless at 14, tried to go to school as I could but I had to work to pay rent so school came second, but between 14-15 when I was living in the homeless shelter I would go up to the computer lab when I couldn't get work or a place to sleep so I...