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    xfree/xdarwin/multihead problems

    xfree or xdarwin isn't handling the multihead right.. I think XDarwin. the window manager comes much later and doesn't have anything to do with this problem.. I'm not even using a wm at the moment. I think XDarwin isn't getting the screen sizes right for my second monitor.. so I boot up...
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    xfree/xdarwin/multihead problems

    So I have problems with my newly installed xfree setup, installed with fink (sudo fink install xfree86-rootless), and 1.0a3 of XDarwin. I have two screens, one the built in ATI card and the other a terribly supported proformance3 card with an SGI lcd attached. Whenever xfree wants to access the...
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    bus error with 'open' command

    So I think the problem might have been my screwy lookupd configs, which were only half working for a while. When lookupd is broken, many shell commands bus error on ya (the ones that use lookup services, like finger, ls breaks, others)..
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    OS X 10.2 Could Be 64-Bit OS?

    even if 10.2 was a 64-bit os (highly unlikely I think), it could probably run on both 32 and 64-bit chips without modification, thanks to osx's next heritage.. the bundle format allowed (not sure if apple took it out for osx) multiple architectures to be supported with one 'fat' binary. with...
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    lookupd, lookupmanager and ldap?

    Has anyone tried to get an osx 10.1 machine acting as a client to an ldap server using rfc2317-style lookup services (nis, but using ldap)? I tried to get this to work using lookupmanager (, and lookupd segfaults whenever I do an 'ls', activating the lookup to ldap for user...
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    50% ping on dual 450

    if you're doing a flood ping across a router, strange things like that may well happen because most routing code will drop icmp first when faced with a saturated link.. I dunno if this is the case in your situation, or what the router code is link under os9.. but in any case, I always suspect...
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    50% ping on dual 450

    maybe it's your networking hardware, I just did a flood ping to another box on my switch and I get 100% from my dual 450. cheers
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    IE Stability: G3 vs G4 issue?

    IE for me has super-amnesia. It's always forgetting that it's the default browser, its history, its cookies, everything except the bookmarks. I've got a dp450. strange.. and the IE security update didn't help either.
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    MS spying through Office v.X?

    well this is just sort of standard crash reporting stuff (mozilla and omniweb both do this), but of course this MS we're talking about so people expect the worst.. if they don't allow you to turn it off it will be pretty upsetting, as when you purchase software you don't really purchase the...
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    MS spying through Office v.X?

    yes, that's what this thread is about. and don't get pissed because you're playing around with unreleased software. besides, if you wrote a software package that you sold for hundreds of dollars, wouldn't you do something similar?
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    MS spying through Office v.X?

    I only did limited testing with word, but those ports seem to be consistent..
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    Why the new exploit isn't a huge deal

    it depends on what you mean by local. The traditional meaning of a local exploit is that it can be affected from a shell on the box (if someone ssh's into your machine using a regular user account). There are lots of well known local exploits for other operating systems, and they're usually...
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    MS spying through Office v.X?

    sudo ipfw add 0 deny udp from any to any 2222 sudo ipfw add 0 deny tcp from any to any 3464 that should do it..
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    new formac 17" LCD

    thanks.. but of course, that being said, it looks like a good monitor, and you won't have the driver hell I've had with their card.. :)