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    corupt System Prefs

    I need help. The Internet System Prefs don't hold their settings. The default Web client keeps reverting back to Opera, and the iDisk wont hold my password (so I can't log in to iDisk anymore). Can anyone give me detailed instructions on how to correct this?
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    And now, the disappearing mouse!

    Mine goes when using Dreamweaver, but when I get it back by clicking on the Desktop, it normally stays!
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    Trasmit 1.6 Port Issue, can you help?

    I don't know, but let me know if you find out, I've been getting it too.
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    Printing from Classic

    I'm having a problem printing from my Classic Apps in OS X. I have B&W G3, and an Epson 740. When I go into chooser, it only gives me options for Printer or Modem Port, not USB. Help
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    Speed up OSX 10 times faster than (Build 4L7) GUARANTEED!

    What's an OSX MOSS???? Where can I get one?
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    Error -1 when getting mail from OE5 through X

    I booted up in X, opened classic, opened Outlook Express 5, tried to get my mail, but for each of my accounts, it came up with error -1. Works fine in 9.1. I'm guessing it's going wrong when trying to network through to the OS X side. Any Ideas???