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    testuser, ftp-only accounts, mystery

    It is true: with the advent of Jaguar (10.2) some of my scripts will need revision. Since I do not own a copy of Jaguar, I cannot make any of the necessary revisions. I took down the scripts as a precaution to prevent complications for those who are running 10.2. I'm sure that ladavacm will...
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    Installing Mac OS X

    This is the harshest statement that I could find on Apple's website: "Unless you have a specific reason to use UFS, you should use the Mac OS Extended format since it provides a more familiar experience to Macintosh users." Not exactly a "Do not use UFS", but still rather direct. George...
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    Installing Mac OS X

    Look, you are making irresponsible assertions, and are getting people like "voice" all interested in partitioning their drives to gain more speed out of OS X. Someone must point out the strong probability that they will not see the same thing you have seen (for the reasons that I have...
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    Installing Mac OS X

    Any benchmarks? ... time to launch apps, copying files, etc? Your system could be running faster for any number of reasons that are not related to partition size. For example, there could have been some filesystem problems. I suspect that it has more to do with UFS. It exhibits so many...
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    Help! My Tibook died!

    Boot the Powerbook from your OS 9 CD and backup your data. Then use Disk First Aid to make sure the hard drive is OK. To try and salvage your computer, you can then boot from your OS X CD, and re-install OS X on top of everything (without erasing). Make sure to go through all the software...
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    How to make your website popular?

    What a nice pair of iMacs! Love your site..
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    How to make your website popular?

    Well, you could arrange two snow iMacs next to one another so that they subliminally remind your readers of breasts. (I won't even comment about the new iMac and it's chrome neck).
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    Even better, the forums retain "" and not the Long live
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    Who wants ManicDVLN and their PC counterparts on the board?

    I also will have Ed fight to his death to defend our free speech rights! ;) Well thought out posts, and well written posts make for interesting reading. So far, the majority of users have attempted to contribute in a meaningful way. That is what makes this site a valuable resource. The...
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    Very cool menu bar trick ==>

    You people are mean. Would it have hurt you to simply point out that this had been posted before? This thread reads like a 7th grade, junior high-school taunt.
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    type & creator vs. suffix

    Right on target as always.
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    type & creator vs. suffix

    I will propose an explanation... the pdf file that I had originally tried this starts with: %??F-1.3 stream14353 /O 14982 /E 14998 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 16055 0 R >> ] the pdf file that I get from printing to pdf: %PDF-1.3 2 0 obj << /Length 1 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >>...
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    type & creator vs. suffix

    There is a flaw in your logic. Type and creator codes are still used by OS X native apps. For example, take that pdf file of yours: * Remove the .pdf extension (using the Finder, or in the Terminal) * Remove the type and creator codes (using ResEdit, or by using /Developer/Tools/SetFile...