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    Auto Power/Energy Saver

    If someone could post the prefs from OS X Server's Energy Saver panel, we could dissect it and figure out how to do it on OS X. -Tex Clayton
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    MRTG/SNMPD for Mac OS X

    I've posted patches to the net-snmp website so that you can compile your own snmpd. I think someone is preparing it for fink. MRTG has been ported to Darwin- it used to be available from, but it doesn't seem to be there now. I would suppose he put it in Fink...
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    Compiling nethack on OSX

    I'd love to see those instructions if you still have them... -Tex Clayton
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    CVS for X

    CVS is pre-installed on OSX. You just need to set up the CVSROOT, etc. -Tex
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    Sstem Disk Shortcut

    OK, after DiskBreaker pointed out nvram and I confirmed that the Startup Disk is saved in the non-volatile RAM (via some technote, I don't remember which), I started playing... /usr/sbin/nvram -p will list all the nvram variables nvram -h (or any other invalid option) will list all the valid...