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    Intel Boot

    I can't remember the site, I think it was slashdot a couple weeks ago posted something with a link to a picture of someone running Darwin under Virtual PC. I believe the link also said that it's been run on other "real" PC's. Mind you, this isn't MacOSX, it's what's under the hood that they're...
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    streaming server on darwin?

    Just looking around the darwin website. Try this link You can download the compiled binary for FreeBSD. I haven't tried, but it might work on OSX. (could someone confirm that for me?)
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    Future hardware requirements?

    Does anyone have any idea if the 128MB/1.5GB hardware requirements (just for the OS) might lessen with the 1.0 release? Maybe it's just me (and I'm pretty sure it's not), but that's a bit steep for a company who is trying to get on the good side of consumers.