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    Sleep Light Update Wipes Out Bluetooth?

    I just did the latest System software update and it was to adjust the level of the sleep light. When I restarted my iMac after, Bluetooth had completely vanished, no evidence of it ever being on my computer! What do I do? Thank goodness I had an old keyboard and mouse kicking around.... I am...
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    How do I remind my iMac it has Bluetooth?

    OK I got the mouse and keyboard working again, but Bluetooth is not in my System Preferences panel anymore. System Profiler says Bluetooth "No information found". But it was there before yesterday, and I know I paid for it LOL So how do I get my computer to recognize it?
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    ISO uncomplicated alternative to PictureViewer

    OK I am a diehard fan of the old PictureViewer for just looking at jpegs etc, I can use other things for editing. PictureViewer scaled up beautifully, the window was clean, going full screen was easy, the quality was great. But it's the only program I still use with Classic and I'd like to give...
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    Help! Bluetooth vanished!

    Update: I tried something I read on another site, where you disconnect everything from the computer, cntrl-shift-opt + Power for 10 secs, etc, etc, then boot. The bluetooth keyboard and mouse now work, but Bluetooth isn't on the Systems Prefs panel and it's vanished from the menu bar, so I can't...
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    Help! Bluetooth vanished!

    I installed the latest system update this morning, from Software Update. It was supposed to be able to adjust the brightness of the sleep light. When I restarted, all traces of Bluetooth had vanished from my computer and I seem unable to reinstall it, even from backups. It keeps saying I do not...