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    Tigermail Issues

    hi **u should know the complete account settings of ur Internet Service Provider** ok. make sure mail app. is quit. now the first things first. back up all your mails. it doesnt matter if its duplicated as of now. goto ur home folder> library>mail. backup the complete mail folder to...
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    My Finder keeps quitting (every 2 seconds!)

    hi chris i would recommend repairing the disk using the disk utility from the OS install disk. * insert the disk * restart the computer * hold the option key as soon as u hear the startup sound or jsut keep it pressed as soon as u turn on the computer * select the install disc * click...
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    Disk verification

    hey i did not see that coming from ' barhar ' . sorry. what he recommends is right. erase and install. the fsck -fy would just arrange the fragmented files on the hd in a proper manner. give a try and if that doesnt work E&I
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    Disk verification

    Hi, make sure you specify the type of the HD and the OS whenever you are facing issues with these. yes its true that the disk utility would do a thorough scan. also the b-tree functions as an index or a table of contents for the disk. the extents B-tree contains information about file...
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    weird boot noise

    hello tallboy seems there is an additional Ram installed on ur OS since you get a single beep on the startup. i would recommend u to remove the memory and plug it back in. that should help. iboos would do this if there are any issues with ports. if u were connected to internet to internet...
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    [FAQ]Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" Installation

    Hi Tim, i think that would be a perfect plan but with the third party applications reinstalling them should normally work or if its no good than i would suggest wait for the vendor to release the new drivers. that would be your last option untill or unless u end up buying the brand new...