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    Cost of ownership OSX vs W2000 or NT

    There aren't any current TCO studies for MacOS X or 2000 ... neither has been in the marketplace long enough for any accurate data. Generally speaking UNIX servers need less than half the amount of system admin time as NT server. The big win with UNIX though is that full remote administration...
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    Has anybody successfully compiled x3270?

    Terminal can't emulate a 3270. ( well it can fake it a bit , but 3270 is more than just a cli terminal description - it also impacts on how the user interface interacts with the host . So merely hacking up a termcap file will not cut it in many cases ) Some sort of Terminal Emulator will...
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    Major screwup

    I don't want to appear to be too harsh here, but this is a good example of bad change control on a production system, and inadequate backups. If you have a machine where it being down for a day is going to cost someone's job, then you have to look very hard at having a second machine where...
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    Telnetd and the like

    MacOS X ships with what you'd expect most BSD UNIX systems to ship with, except for a command line filesystem dump/restore utility, and X11 . All the usual daemons are there, and a bunch of other stuff can be easily compiled. Serveral X11 options exist - Tenon XTools if you want a commercial...
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    sendmail related woes

    Couple of options here ( actually its sendmail so there are probably billions ). Probably you want to do is have sendmail masquerade as the local domain. ( masquerade as shoudl be available as an m4 macro which you can compile to a new - if you don't use m4 macros to build...
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    DHCP Server (Service?)

    Oops forgot to post link : and
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    DHCP Server (Service?)

    If you have MacOS X Server - you configure DHCP through the Server Admin tool and NetInfo Manager. This will cover off what _most_ people want to do. There are a few things that are more sophisticated that you need to tweak on the command line at the moment. If you want to run a DHCP...
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    Authenticate by LDAP or NT Domain?

    LDAP is in there already ( but read only at the moment ). In /Applications/Utilities there is a tool called Directory Services. It has a plugin architecture for authentication. Apple has provided plugins in the GUI for NetInfo and LDAP. ( I think NIS will work as well, but I think that...
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    Rootless X Free on MacOSX

    A lot of the people who would like rootless X windows running on MacOS X is that it provides a low barrier of entry to get a lot of useful Unix tools running on MacOS X. There are a lot of systems administators out there right now who typically have two machines, a Unix workstation for doing...
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    UNIX restore is missing and other things

    Oh , and I almost forgot. A manual GUI dump and resore method exists that fully preserves all filesystem data and metadata, but it expolits undocumented features of the Apple Software Restore program that ships on the restore CD's . At least thats my conjecture because I have seen machines...
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    UNIX restore is missing and other things

    NetInfo is full controllable from the command line, and is therefore scriptable via standard unix shell scripts. It is not yet scriptable in the Applescript sense of the word, although you could fudge something using some of the Applescript interfaces to the UNIX shell script world. I...