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    Looking for PHP help

    make the thumbnail links pass a value to your main PHP file. for instance, if you have two styles, say "default" and "header" and you want to pick one to render main.php, you'd make one thumbnail link like "main.php?style=default" and the other like "main.php?style=header". then in main.php, you...
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    write uploaded files with php

    try something like: umask( 0 ); chmod( 'file', 0777 ); i don't know who needs to edit what in your setup, but that will allow anyone to do anything, so be careful. it sounds like there shouldnt be a problem as long as everyone is editing via your site. php saves uploaded files as 644...
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    Stripping HTML tags from text files?

    if all you want to do is strip the tags, you could do something like $html =~ s/<.+>//g;
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    10.2 installation

    i just bought an eMac from compusa last night, and they bundled the 10.2 upgrade discs with it. but when i went to upgrade, i didn't get the option to do a clean install, even tho it detected the old system :( i remember the 10.1 upgrade giving you the option to format the disk and do a clean...
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    Project Builder....

    This is not a problem. At least if you're using a C++ compiler it's not.
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    silly perl script

    i recently wrote this for a friend, just thought i'd post it in case anyone else had a similar need. it's just a little script that will convert a text outline into an html outline (using nested ol tags). outline2html run it by piping the input/output like this: perl <...
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    small features of jaguar that may deem interesting

    mounting ftp servers on the desktop is wonderful, it works just as it should. they act just like regular volumes, you can even open files directly from them transparently.
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    using tar to Backup applications

    don't use tar :) stuffit is probably your best bet, and dropstuff is free. or you could make a compressed disk image if you have something against stuffit.
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    Microsoft tries to steal Macworld thunder

    Here's another scenario: 1. Microsoft announces discontinuation of Mac support. The media goes bonkers, casts Apple as "good as dead." 2. Apple's market share dwindles to the point they can't afford to sustain themselves, much less innovate. 3. Apple announces MacOS X for Intel. 4...
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    WindowShade functionality is BACK in Jaguar (not what you think, though)...

    looks like this has disappeared from the new jaguar builds :(
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    iTunes skins???

    what an idiot. inferior GUI capabilities of UNIX? come on, get a clue. some interesting screenshots, however. i think some of the proposed ideas would fail simply because they're _too_ thought out. the dock, if nothing else, is a simple, flat organization tool. some of those proposed ideas...
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    suspended job processes

    running a background process with & and stopping a job aren't quite the same. for one, you can't leave stopped jobs hanging around (ie they die when you log out). and i think & leaves the process running, while control-z actually stops the process. generally speaking, use & when you want to run...
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    Getting a CGI script to work locally on my Mac

    azosx - the CGI module is installed by default in apache. you can look in httpd.conf and see that mod_cgi is added. simx - the ExecCGI should go _inside_ the Directory block, not simply at the end of the file. if you're using pico, hit control-w and search for ExecCGI. the first match should...
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    Getting a CGI script to work locally on my Mac

    apache isn't interpreting your perl script, perl is (thus the #! line at the top pointing to perl). but apache does have to know when to treat the requested file as a CGI, which is why you need the AddHandler. the ExecCGI option is more of a security thing, since you may not want to allow CGI...