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  1. V is eating my new email messages!

    This might help: Check out the Sept 21 entry at Recent News at Macintouch. It makes a suggestion for the possibility that is pulling your messages but not incorporating them into your mailbox. Hope it works, Vic
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    Digital Video Cameras and Accessories

    I got a Canon ZR30MC. $800 online, or at a local discount camera shop here. I'd actually recommend the ZR25MC if you were going to go with a Canon -- it's a little cheaper, and the primary advantage of the ZR30 is not useful for a DV setup (the ZR30 allows you to double the amount of footage...
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    Remote desktop?

    I hope I'm not misunderstanding you, but there's a reasonably well-known Mac and Windows remote-control package called Timbuktu. It runs on OS's at least as far as back as 8.x, and probably before that. I just bought the OS X upgrade, and it continues to work very well. I couldn't live...
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    Change sound input?

    I've noticed that this has been asked in a round-about way by others before, but I thought I'd ask directly. In MacOS 9, you can specify the "sound input" device. I assume that refers to the device that the OS is "listening" to. In OS X, there doesn't seem to be any corresponding switch...
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    Office 2001 compatability

    I've used Word 2001 extensively. Only problem I've had is an occasional dialog that pops up presumably when Word is attempting an auto-save that says something like, "failed on save"; if I "retry" the save (the default button to press), everything seems to go fine. Oh, and once in awhile, the...
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    9.2.1 is out

    I've noticed huge savings in Classic app launch-times. I get Word's splash screen in a single bounce, for example (w/ 9.1, it took four or five bounces just to get the splash screen). It also seems as though application-switching from a non-Classic to a Classic app is smoother, though I'm not...
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    So, I just purchased, installed, and ran Timbuktu for OS X. It's got this little menu-thingy that started off in the top-right corner of the screen, just below the menu bar. When I clicked it, the standard Timbuktu menu appeared ("Timbuktu info", "Open Timbuktu", etc.) I thought that its...
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    Browserwar turnaround?

    Does this mean you installed the beta version? I was going to, until I read the warning that said something like, "as always, you should back up your system before installing this version..." Has it been stable, both itself, and for your OS X system?
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    What does OS X look for to detect a Classic system?

    It looks to me as though Classic works like this: Classic will launch with whichever system folder is highlighted in the "Startup Disk" System Preference pane. I too had two 9.1 system folders on one partition, so Startup Disk showed both of them. If I highlighted one of them and then went...