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    I have MySQL working in Public Beta

    hmmm... if you can 'make' the mysql-package, are you able to 'make' the pthreads package? -vlod
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    I have MySQL working in Public Beta

    does this binary include the pthreads package which is needed to run mysql? if not, would it be possible for you to build this for us? :-) thanks for your help.. -vlod +++++++++++++
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    downloaded Darwin for the compiler Cheat

    Currently im using ppc-linux to do developemnt, but dieing to get this moved over to MacosX. Now I want to get the compilers on my machine and am tempted to do the darwin-download workaround. *BUT* the Darwin release 1.0 is 139M. Now over a 56K modem that is just not feasible! Anyone...