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    Refugee from Macnn

    I would also like to MacNN to come back soon! I have spent a lot of time there since Dp2 and Beyond. I definitely liked the sense of family at MacNN. All the little, and big, fights broken up by the mods. You have to laugh at some of those ppl. Ahhh family. I want my MacNN back... Not that MacOS...
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    lauching apps in terminal window.

    It doesnt work everytime but some apps let this work! Using the terminal app.. su to a different user open the app using the differnt user like "root" for example. I have root setup to use Aqua Pro Mode...The app, opened up in Terminal as root, shows up in ProMode Graphite where all other...
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    problems with Audio out?

    I am just wondering if anyone else has had this problem: The Line Out Audio port on the back of my computer (iMac DV Special 99) will not play Audio from OSX ... but Audio will play through the ports on the front of the computer. Has anyone else run into this, and found any fixes?!