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    Which VPN to get on Black Friday

    And does include New year of course
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    Which VPN to get on Black Friday

    Just got another email from their email bucket : PureVPN is offering a week-long promo. Now, anyone can get the lifetime subscription plan of for as low as $79.
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    Which VPN to get on Black Friday

    Thanks, after the reputation found a Cyber week deal of PureVPN and got it. Working fine so far.
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    Which VPN to get on Black Friday

    Mixture of sentiments. Some places all three of them are with good reputation.
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    Which VPN to get on Black Friday

    Pretty much new to this VPN thing, Want to use for Netflix US since i'm on Travelling spree for the rest of the year. As per little research: The ExpressVPN, NordVPN and PureVPN had a good comparison on vpnmentor & comparitech. PureVPN : Was: $657 Now: $79.2 (88% Off) NordVPN : Was...
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    iOS 12 downloads w/auto update disabled

    Yes, this would help.
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    Beware of those emails

    Why would Apple do that in the first place
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    Is anyone can recommend some game

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    youtube downloaders

    Internet download manager is best.
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    Frequent (Ethernet) Disconnects

    I hate those "limited access" connection.
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    What Song Are You Playing Now?

    Thunder by Imagine Dragon
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    Phishing Emails ...

    I am getting up to 20 phishing emails a day from China. I know they are from China because if I hover the mouse over one of the bogus links in the email I can see that if I clicked on the link I would be taken to a site in China (having looked up these addresses on the Whois Database). Thanks...