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    PostgreSQL 7.1.3 Install Problems

    Hi, Don't bother to try to compile it just download fink at and then type "fink install postgresql" et voilö Zauc
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    ada compiler ?

    hi, i'm a student and this year i started to learn ada, so it'd be cool if i could have an ada compiler on Mac OS X. For now i have to connect to my university by telnet, but its very slow. I search through the net and obviously all sites point to the gnat compiler. But there's no ppc...
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    READ THIS-if Classic won't start

    Thank you so much, I went through the exact same path as you. PS : You saved my life, parents hate changes and not being able to run classic apps to which they were accustomed was - to their eyes - inconceivable.
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    i've just discover a faster way to do it, type builtins which will list you all the builtin commands and then man <command> To know what this command means. PS : not every command has a 'man' so for further details you have to do as explained in my previous post.
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    I've been asking the same question to myself, and i spend quite a while searching for the answer on the web. But i've finally succeeded :-) you just have to type this in : man tcsh This is because tcsh (TC shell) is the shell that's terminal is using. Now you just...