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    Allright, I can't find any documentation on this so I thought I'd ask you guys. I need to authenticate my application so I can edit files with root (I need superuser status). I know this involves setuid somehow. What I would really like to do is use an authentication dialog (like in system...
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    The fact that it can handle multiple audo formats AND double as a external firewire hard drive makes me want one. Before now, I wasn't even mildly interested in an MP3 player.
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    Cupertino... Where Vacuums are Made

    The fact that this can double as a firewire HD is totally cool. Now I can take my music and my files with me to work/school and just carry one device and a firewire cable. Honestly, I've never wanted a portable MP3 player before and now I do. The only reservation I have about this product is...
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    Pinning dock in 10.1

    I don't know if this is a feature of Internet Explorer or of the OS, but if you have IE covering the entire screen (left to right at least) and your dock is on the bottom, changing the orientation to left or right resizes the explorer window to not overlap the dock. It will also move the window...
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    new macs

    uh huh ... sure ... we believe you ...
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    Is there a "one more thing..."? What could it be?

    Why does everyone assume that OSX can't ship default until 10.1? Or, OSX won't be usable until 10.1? Or that an optimized finder along with DVD support won't be in any other build than 10.1? Sheesh! Let it be 10.0.5 that has all this stuff! I'm in favor of NOT skipping revision numbers :)
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    new hardware

    866 as the high end or 1ghz as the high end!?!?!?! gimme gimme gimme, my savings account is waiting anxiously.
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    Pre OS 9 Suppot? might wanna check that.
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    Apple buying PPC assets?

    Did everyone see that update over at MacOS rumors? What do you guys think about this? Seems to me that Apple is getting VERY control hungry. Might be good tho....
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    Flat screen iMac

    that's why the monitor is shielded from the internal components. Anyway, if Apple can sell a portable with a 12 inch LCD for 1299 and make money, then they should be able to make a desktop with a 15 inch LCD for a similar or even lower price. They could standardize all the components in the...
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    Game Development

    I haven't started my game's Mac version yet (all the other team members are PC guys) but I'm going to use CodeWarrior 6 (or 7 if its out when I start) and the Carbon API. I want to remain compatible with OS9 for now, and I hate ProjectBuilder and don't feel like dealing with Objective-C :) I...
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    When can we expect a Cocoa based finder?

    I hope Apple implements Services in Carbon! That's definitely a powerful little menu.
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    When can we expect a Cocoa based finder?

    Heres the developer's standpoint I was talking about: On the average, when using Carbon, a program is already 90% done when the porting process begins. In contrast, when using Cocoa, you can only reuse the OS independent code. Porting to Cocoa is almost as large a project as porting from PC...
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    When can we expect a Cocoa based finder?

    Carbon is just as low level as Cocoa. It has the SAME access to the system as Cocoa. It is better than Cocoa from a developer's standpoint. It is a MAJOR accomplishment by Apple that programs can run on 9 and X with no recompile. Carbon is NOT A HALF BREED by far. You guys should be...
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    Gui development on OS X

    CW 7 will have better OSX tools. I don't know how much better, though :) Gui development is probably the least difficult with Project Builder. At least in my experience I found Project Builder simpler than PowerPlant/CW. Doesn't mean I liked it better ;) Really the GUI stuff shouldn't be...