Adobe Go Live slowdown in 10.1


Adobe Go Live is like molasses in 10.1 It was fine in 10.04!
Launch time is 55 seconds instead of 15. Opening a fairly basic page takes ten seconds instead of 1 to 2. When I go to type text it looks like its going through a 300 baud modem!
This slowdown is happening on a Powerbook G4 400 with 384mB ram, and a G4 Desktop 400 with 384mB ram.
Is anyone else having these issues? Also...when is the native version shipping?
Yeah, I definitely have that problem (that's why I'm booted into OS 9 at the moment...). On today, it is mentioned that a lot of fonts (esp. Postscript fonts) in the MacOS 9 folder might be a cause. I haven't tried moving any out yet, but that's something to try...
Thanks for the suggestion! I'll try moving some fonts out. I do have a lot installed. Maybe I have a corrupt font and don't realize it.

BTW...I forgot to mention that everything else rocks on 10.1 (native or classic). Just GoLive is giving me issues.
I tried a few things and I don't think it is a font issue. I removed every font except Charcoal and it took 38 seconds. Then with every default OS 9 font it took 42 seconds. Then with all my fonts it took 40 seconds. I'm guessing the 55 seconds I reported earlier has something to do with a first launch?
for me, but freezes for about 30 seconds occassionaly.

Thankfully Adobe have announced that GoLive will be one of the first applications released for OSX.:)