Airport Express


i just bought an airport express which i'm trying to use in my apartment. i have plugged it into many outlets with ethernet cable attached, but can get no connection - the green light quickly turns solid orange and eventually blinking orange. i know i have an active adsl connection. i have tried shutting everything down and restarting one by one. i have tried resetting the airport. i am no computer whiz, but i thought this was easy. what gives? i would appreciate any possible suggestions for a solution.
how do you know your dsl connection is up did you configure the modem what kind of DSL modem do you have ?

is this a new DSL setup ?

your setup need to look like this

DSL modem
AIR port ---- setup with DHCP enable and wireless security

make sure you have DSL filter setup on all your phones but not on the line that
connect to the router
athenanex --
i have exactly the same problem: green light, amber solid, amber blinking. for some reason the airport express base station won't link with the dsl modem.
when i plug the modem directly into my computer's ethernet port, everything works great.
did you ever figure out the answer to this situation?