Airport Extreme Card


i've just fitted my emac g4 with an aiport extreme card, but my computer isn't bringing up the symbol on the menu bar. It has it in my system profiler. Just wondering should i have had a cd to install with it coz all i got was the card itself, nothing else. I have a wireless router upstairs on my friends comp that i want to connect it to. Thanks for any advice that can be offered (by the way i'm not too up on computer talk so simple instructions and language are appreciated, thanks.

The first thing I would try is simply removing the card and putting it back in, making sure that it is properly seated (pushed all the way in) in the slot where it goes. Secondly, make sure the AECard's tiny antennae connector cable is plugged in, otherwise it gets no reception.

If the machine sees the card, but there is no wireless signal, it sounds like the antennae isn't attatched.
I see that you have posted about this before. I'm sorry to hear you're still having trouble. I suggest reinstalling the card just to be sure it's in there ok. Also, if you're still having difficulty, try running the Hardware Test CD that should have come with your system to see if the card is faulty.

To run the Hardware Test CD, insert the disc, power down and then start up holding the C key.

The hardware test will check the card if it's there and will tell you if it's working.

I installed this card in my MDD G4 tower last year and it took a retry to get it working. Good luck.
ill go and see if i can find a cd and try that way. i've already tried removing card and making sure antenna is connected properly but doesn't make a difference. Anyway thanks for yr advice, ill try it out
Open "Internet Connect"; click on Airport, and make sure the box labeled "Show Airport status in menu bar" is checked. I'll bet it isn't right now.
Already looked in internet connect, i haven't got an airport box to select, basically my comp doesn't appear to be recognising my card.