anyone using CUPS to set print limits?


Hello friends,

I've scoured the internet for Leopard or OS X.5-specific information about using CUPS to set page-limits for a shared printer. The short story: i'm using an old iMac as the CUPS printer server. attached to it via USB is the printer (HP LaserJet 5200.) I'm sharing this printer with other macs running 10.5. I've done the printer setup and sharing using the CUPS web interface (localhost:631/admin...) and set the limits on the command line (sudo lpadmin -p printerName -o job-print-limit=100) and also tried editing the /etc/cups/printer.conf file directly.

When I print, however, the limits are ignored. (Note: i have also set the time period using the lpadmin command and set the time to a month -- 2,592,000 seconds) The printer is visible as a shared "bonjour" printer and is accessable on the LAN, but the config files where the limits are set is being ignored.

Is there a CUPS guru in the house? any ideas?

Many thanks,