anything like avantgo for os x?


I have a palm m515 and used to use avantgo for news and stuff for the palm but they don't have anything for OSX.

Is there anything that syncs with the palm through OS X for getting news information like avantgo does for PC and Classic?



There are some alternatives are out there, such as Plucker.

I've also heard that it may be possible to do a sync if you have VPC, but haven't tried that.

AG suggests downgrading and working in Classic

But the site does link to a potential workaround for AG and OSX


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I think malsync won't work from what I've read other's say - it's dependent on a serial port or something that doesn't exist in OSX... I've used iSiloX - it's OK, but not as easy to use as Avantgo.


Whoops, i wasn't aware of that problem...

I thought that it would work with OSX because ...i don't understand, it's just copying webpages, but whatever...apparently it doesn't work.


I've been down this same road, having OSX but wanting to use AvantoGo. (which you must use OS9 or Windows) I did it thru Virtual PC for a while before I discovered "iSilo".

Step one: get the iSilo document reader ($18.00 shareware) for your Palm at PalmGear

Step 2: Get the iSiloX document converter (free) for your Mac, which works with OS9 or OSX, also at Palmgear

Step 3: Once you get those installed, visit the mobile section at and download the HUGE iSilox document list of Palm compatible sites. Copy and paste the ones you like into an iSilox document of your own. iSilox will convert the sites for your Palm and put them into your user folder, ready to sync.

It's really fun, once you get the hang of it, and the selection blows away AvantGo. My favorites are BBC World News,, Cnet news, etc. even has a forum, much like this one.