App Menu: Icon?


Does anyone know a way to make the app menu an icon (like you could back in the day of the PB). It's quite annoying to have Project Builder's menus go under the clock on my iBook...
I thought so as well. I have been looking through most of the plists in my preference folder andcould not find it. Its probably buried inside one the apps .lproj files. I'll keep looking. If anyone finds it be sure and post.

Heres another question, which application would control that?
What is Apple thinking? That megalomaniac Steve Jobs obviously decided the application-menu-icon option didn't fit his personal aesthetics. This shows a blatant disregard for long-time Public Beta users who have invested dozens of hours in developing the muscle memory necessary to make efficient use of an icon-centric application menu. All wasted!

Bruce Tognazzini is right. It's obvious that since he left, GUI design has become a lost art at Apple. But that's simply because he's the only one who truly understands it. Just <a href="">ask him</a>!

I've had it with Apple. OS X PB was a great operating system, and that effete snob Jobs has ruined it. As soon as my beta expires, I'm giving my G3 away to the first poor sucker who's dumb enough to take it and buying a Windows System. The Start menu isn't as good as the application menu with an icon, but it's a helluva a lot closer to it than what we've got with OS X final.

Good bye PB. (Sniff) I'll miss you.
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Uhh... uhm... gee, I don't have any clue. Something global. How was it controlled in the PB?

It was an option under general in system prefs. I have a backup copy of my user from the PB and I could not find anything that looked like it in any of the plists.

Still looking,
hey if you are really giveing away your G3, ill take it!!!

Just call me a poor sucker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!