Automatic FTP file uploading?


Hey All,
I've spent most of the day on Google, searching for some kind of Applescript or FTP program that will do the following: Automatically monitor a folder for a new file modification date and upload that file (with Fetch or whatever) to a specific folder on an FTP site. All this without the person having to manually open an FTP program, or even locate a file for uploading. I just want it to happen almost transparently.

Is there such a thing, or am I dreaming? If I was talented enough, I guess I could write a script myself. But that's not going to happen anytime soon. - Thanks!



Scratch & Sniff Committee
Under 10.2 there are AppleScript extensions that allow you to monitor a folder for changes to files. You should be able to mount an FTP server as a network drive, thus making it a simple Finder command to do the copy, or alternatively use an AppleScript-able FTP program to do it for you.

The other option is to stick a simple shell script into cron that will run every few minutes. I could barely do this with bash - thankfully they've put bash into 10.2 - but it wouldn't be great.

I'll try and see if I can work something out for you. I don't have my Mac with me at the moment.


Hey thanks Symphonix, you're very kind. I'm surprised nobody has a feature like I described already built into an ftp program somehow. Because automation is a good thing!