backing up osx


does anyone know of a backup solution where i could use my aps dat (scsi) with OS X? I also have the option of attaching the dat to a linux machine and backing up over the network, if there's a client that osx could run. Obviously not restrospect...

We need to let go of classic and get on... I'm not saying that the DiskCopy solution doesn't work but we want to do it the X way ;)
I have retrospect, and I can run that if i like. I'm just not gonna boot into 9 everytime I want to backup (being every night). And using disk copy to backup a full 46 gig drive would require another empty 46 gig drive and that just won't do :)

I am getting ready to try Tri Backup. It supposedly will back up everything in OS X except the system folder which you already have on your X CD.

I am going to back up things manually first then try this software. I am also waiting for Retrospect to get with it and submit their upgrade to X.
if you are comfortable with the command line you can try using hfspax and cron to automate your backups (works like a champ for me). also it's free :)

the latest hfspax version can be found, and downloaded, here:

Once hfspax is installed, you'll need to decide where you want to backup the files to. In this example I am backing them up to a secondary hard drive named "Drive Two". In your case, just use the name of your scsi drive.

add the following lines to your /etc/crontab file:

#do some backups with hfspax. Users Dir daily at 1am and Applications every friday at 2am
0 1 * * * root hfspax -wvz -f /Volumes/Drive\ Two/backup/Users.pax -x cpio /Users
0 2 * * 5 root hfspax -wvz -f /Volumes/Drive\ Two/backup/Applications.pax -x cpio /Applications

save the etc/crontab file and you'll be off and running.

you can backup more than that, but I figure if I have to recover, I might as well start fresh :)