Bandwidth Meter


Hi all,

Let me just say that I'm not a Mac user and and never have been i have the UK iPhone and was waiting in line to get it, so i do appreciate Apple products.

Basically i want to find out the total of all the bandwidth that all the PC's/Mac's are using in my household, I've got the software for my Windows machines but my sister has a Macbook (which i recommended her btw) and i don't have a clue what to get for it?

I need something that can display daily & weekly preferably monthly even hourly if it has it.

(something similar to this, this is the program I'm using on Windows)

Would be very grateful if anybody knows a piece of software similar to this, thanks in advance.

Sam Culley


Activity Monitor > Network has info on data sent and received. The only thing wrong with it is it reverts to 0 when the Mac is rebooted.
You might find something better from here to monitor the Macs bandwidth usage.