Best text Printer?


I am looking for a color inkjet printer that has great text printing and also fast text printing. I do not need photo quality. I primary need is text printing with the occassional color print. I know that color print may not be as good, but some printers I have tried do a great job color wise but not so great black text printing.

Thanks in advance


For text printing, you can't beat HP! I've owned a half dozen, and sold hundreds of them. If you want photo quality, Epson is the way to go, but their text is a little fuzzy. For home use, check these HPs out.


Typewriters work pretty well too, especially those old IBM's with the little aluminum ball with all the letters on it. You can even change fonts or type styles by changing the little ball! I'm tellin' ya, now THAT is revolutionary. And the text, well, it looks like it was typeset. IT'S THAT GOOD!!!