Black screen white arrow Tiger issue


Ever since upgrade to Tiger, I cannot run screensaver without ending up with a black screen and a white arrow after a few minutes, with no control of anything apart from ability to move the white arrow around the black screen - but no wake-up and no return to active screen or sleepsaver screen. Restart on G4 tower is only option at this point. I have checked screensaver and energy prefs-- no conflicts apparent. I see scattered Internet posts about this problem, but no evidence it is a known Tiger bug that Apple is trying to get fixed. My current cure for the problem is turn off the Apple screensaver, but I'd like my screensaver back, not black.


Rosie Moderator
Staff member
I had a strange image on top of my screen saver.

Go to Home>Library>Preferences>By Host.
Trash the{several numbers}.plist file
Empty the trash.
Reset the screen saver.