Cannot set up Xserve G5 as gateway


I have the internet on Ethernet 1 and a gigabit switch on Ethernet 2. I use the Gateway Assistant wizard to set it up and it changes the following settings:

Built-in Ethernet 1 (en0) will be used as the WAN connection.
That connection will be shared with the following ports:
- Built-in Ethernet 2 (en1) with IP address

DHCP will be turned on and set up with the following subnets:
- Built-in Ethernet 2 (en1) will serve out addresses from to

All previously configured subnets for DHCP will be removed.

IP Firewall will be turned on and set up with the following IP Address Groups:
- 192.168.1-net will allow all traffic on Built-in Ethernet 2 (en1)

NAT will be turned on and share the network on Built-in Ethernet 1 (en0)

VPN will not be turned on

DNS will be turned on

When I click Apply, I can no longer get internet access on the server and none of the clients can either. To get it back, I need to go into Network properties and set everything back to DHCP.

Does anyone know what's wrong?


For the hell of it, I connected the internet directly to the switch. Amazingly, it now works on all machines. But how can it work if the switch is not a router?