Can't connect to VNC remotly


I'm trying to connect to my mac remotly using VNC but everytime I connect to my mac, it asks for my vnc password and then accepts it but then I immediatly get kicked out and the window closes. however, If I take the same computer and connect it to my local network, I can connect just fine. Do I need a better client for windows? or how would i fix this on my mac?

I'm using UltraVNC for windows and the VNC that comes with Mac OSX Leopard


Hi supanatral,
I was having the same problem.
Start VNC Viewer, click the Options... button before connecting, then uncheck the Auto select best settings check box.
Doesn't seem to matter what it's set to underneath, except that the Full Colour radio button needs to be selected.
Once you've connected, click the UltraVNC icon in the Title Bar (top left-hand corner) and select Save connection info as... to save to a file for future connections.
Tested with UltraVNC and OSX 10.6.2.

All the best,
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