Comp. Shuts down, right after start up

spoolin spec v

My comp. has worked perfectly, Then I installed some updates, Itunes i think? And the comp. Shut down, and when it restarts it works for a min or two, then freezes, and i get the beach ball, that just spins around and around forever.

if I don't try to open anything, or do anything when i restart it, it will just shut down, and restart, then when it comes to the Grey screen with the apple and the little circle below it, the circle looks all pixilated, and just freezes


that is the version its on (Taken two days ago, and sent to a buddy for other reasons completely)

any help, or being pointed in the right direction, i would greatly apperacite it!
Thanks alot
Can you see in system log what happens when it fails?
(If it boots to single user mode, you should be able to access system.log without gui)
To boot into Single User Mode, hold down the Command () and S keys. The system log is at /var/log/system.log .

You'd probably want to view the log in real time, so try:

tail -f /var/log/system.log

which should show you the system log entries as they are added. When it stops and you can't control the machine anymore, you probably have hit the log entry you're looking for! ;)

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