Complain about .MAC directly to Apple's Feedback


apples pricing on the matter is completely warranted. they are offering allot for a low price. If you dont like it, use a new service from another provider

remember, all good things must come to an end


I agree they have a right to charge for all of those services, but I only want and care about the email part, having an email address. The iDisk feature is nice and I admitt I do use it. But I don't need 100mb of space, nor is having that space valuable enough for me to pay for it.


Apple is one of the few people to offer quality (well, that's kind of debatable, but at least it works most of the time) email service; I'd like to see them take the high road on this and keep the service going. email address are great publicity for Apple; the original suite of iTools was a great way to show how the Mac is a more useful tool than Windows PCs; it's unfortunate that they don't think the publicity is worth more than getting 100 dollars/head/year.

I think 5 MB email and 5 MB home pages should stay free; it's great publicity for Apple, and a great way to still add value to the Mac without squeezing more money out of the users; we should all send them feedback to that effect.