Connecting OS9 to 10.4 using Appletalk


Apparently it's impossible to connect to an OS X machine using Appletalk from a 9.2 machine. (using Ethernet).

Both machines are connected to the network,
have Appletalk installed and on.
The OS X machine also has Appletalk turned on in Directory Access.

I can see the Classic machine from the 10.4 machine without any hitches. (and all the other OS X machines in the network), just not the other way around.

Any help would be appreciated,


Hi, Frederik-Jan,
OS X doesn't use appletalk for file sharing at all. It uses apple filing protocol over TCP/IP, port 548.
Have you tried re-updating using the downloaded Combination Updater?

Did you mean that the other OS X computers can't see the one 10.4 computer?


anerki, I have no problems using AppleTalk over Ethernet to connect my new--well, it was new last year--2.7 GHz PowerMac G5 running MacOS X 10.4 and my old beige Power Mac G3 running MacOS 9.2.2. Make sure that AppleTalk is completely enabled in MacOS X.

Launch System Preferences.
Select the Network preferences panel.
Select the Built-in Ethernet from the Show: pop-up menu.
Click the AppleTalk tab.
Check Make AppleTalk Active.

If you continue to have problems, holler back.


Hi, MisterMe -
you can turn appletalk Off (on OS X) and connect as long as you do what idesign says.
OS X doesn't use appletalk for file sharing - unless you install netatalk. (OS X Server may still provide appletalk services other than printing, I don't have that ?)


And on your OS X box, you have to enable personal file sharing if you've got the firewall enabled.

System Preferences > Sharing > Check the box next to Personal File Sharing


We have established that communicating between MacOS 9 and MacOS X is not impossible. It works and works well. We have also told you what you need to do to enable AppleTalk over Ethernet on MacOS X. Your problem is local. We have done everything that we can do with the information that you provided. You are going to have to locate the cause of your problems.