Cool Mac OS X Screenshot

Actually, i got sheets working through "". I've looked at the oreilly site and they are pretty helpful too, except i find that cocoadevcentral is better because they give you just the bare essentials. Yeah, and Angela is the Mp3 player in the lower right hand corner, ive been workin on it for months.

I'm estimating around 2 months. I want it to have features like no other mp3 player and make sure it is rock solid as well as very easy to use.

Is your MP3 program named after you girlfriend ? ;)
That should score a few more good points for you he he.

Very nice screenshot :D
Once I am done w/ updates to my system I will post mine too :D
(Hey has anyone made other OS icons yet ? like NeXT, BeOS, linux, atari, amiga, winblows ?)

Yeah i got the folder icons from, and im naming it after one of my ex-g/f's , ( i was in love with her),she really screwed me over, including stealing half of my crap. Admiral, Xicons has icons that are linux BeOS etc. Thanks everybody for looking at my screenshot :D

I will take a look at X-icons ;)
As for the naming...u named it for an X that screwed you over :eek: !!!
Well cant blame you :p
I still have my X framed on my desk (group photo tho :p)

lol you cant be bitter about any X :p
That sh*t just eats you up inside :p
Just laugh it off and move on, and in the end you will be the one who has the last laugh ;)

btw, I spend 36hours on OS X, no classix whasoever.. It was damn cool :p
I am in the process of customizing my OS X to be more "hospitable" than it already is so that I can make a quick transition once greek and DVD come to my machine he he

Originally posted by AdmiralAK
Is your MP3 program named after you girlfriend ? ;)
That should score a few more good points for you he he.

Not nessecerily, look at the shape of that player...she could be insulted
voice - what are you talking about the shape of the mp3 player, could be insulting? Are you calling her fat?
Well she isnt fat, she is like so damn fine.

Javis - Im not realy sure i got kinda lost myself:p

Do any of you guys know how to convert a picture drawn in photoshop, into an Icon? I've tried alot of Apps out there and they wont let me do it. By the way do any of you guys have any suggestions for what I could do to "angela" to make it better?

Iconographer X...

Just open a new file in Iconographer, have Photoshop open in the background and drag and drop... Very nicely done.

The only problem I have with it is sometimes the drag and drop functionality between Classic and X isn't so hot, and so both Photoshop and Iconographer may crash on you once in a blue moon... Not the developers fault though. is where I got my copy, otherwise versiontracker will have it.
Here's a tip (this REALLY bugs me with Audion): make it so that you don't have to click on the damn skin buttons to work it. Make left, right, space, cmd-. work EVERYWHERE in the player, no matter what window is forward. Soundjam did this well. Audion totally blows. In os x, latest version of X and Audion, you cannot press cmd - . and have it stop you have to frikkin CLICK THE DAMN BUTTON to get it to work. it's a pain. I often have a lot of windows open and finding hte specific player window can be a pain in the ass. (Note how soundjam put control buttons on every playlist window... and unlike audion where cmd 1 just means whatever window was opened the longest time ago, in SJ it meant THE PLAYER WINDOW always. In Audion you have to flick thru cmd 1, 2, 3, sometimes 4 to find the player window.)