Default Application Privalges.


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I am running CrushFTP. A great FTP server. My only problem is, that ever file it creates, from its preferences to the files that are uploaded through it have the default of root privs. So I need to change the privs of all the files in Batchmod or in the Command Line. Is there a way to change these privelages permanently through the program so that I dont have to change the privs of all new files related to the program?


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hey killa, i mean murderer? how's la?

well, i owuld have taken a shot at this sooner but wasn't really sure what you mean. but i'll take a stabat it and let somebody else come along and correct me.
have you tried using show info for one of its files and then changing privledges for all from there? or application to open?

i'm willing to bet this isn't the answer but hopefully somebody else will recognise what you really mean and jump in. any additional info you could provide would be helpful i am sure.

good luck buddy:)