Dell are sharks!!!


Wow, couldnt get over this one...
I was siting down with my dad earlier while he was ordering some Dell P.C's for his school (he wasnted allowed to get eMacs, but was overruled, which infuriated him, as he's head of IT in the school..... damn administration)
But anyway he was ordering three Dell P.C's each at €530....
First of all it was very difficult to re-find the model, at the special price, that he was looking at earlier,which is really annoying because they seem to have quite similar systems but ones on a deal are quite a bit cheaper than the other model... which are the advertised ones, as if they are to attract you the site and then when you cant find it you'll settle for a more expensive one
... then when he found it, it automatically upgraded the screen to a flat panel one, an extra €120, so went through the system setup removed it... then added it to cart,now the last screen where you can select how many models you want (at your pre-selected configuration)... when we put in three and pressed enter, we looked at the new estimated price which was about €2,200 which we thought, thats not right.... 3 multiplied by €530... not gonna be €2,200,... had to go back through the set-up to find that they'd added in a new optional set up fee....
Removed this and got the final prce of €1590

I thought this was very thick, tryin, almost, to con people into buying stuff they dont want by adding it to their cart without them knowing.... It took an hour to get the order sorted out, unlike everytime my dad has ordered anything from the apple store which usually takes a grand total of 5 mins...

Anyone else experienced this or similar experiences?


Wow, that's pretty evil. What sort of stuff did they add to your cart, out of curiousity? 40 dozen mice?


iWork for Apple <3
do you have any idea how hard kids are on mice? my media lab goes through 2 or 3 a week and it's a small school


i bought a Dell Precision M60 laptop last spring; I went to different sections of their website to price the exact same system and the prices were different. For instance, getting a system priced between "Small Business" and "Gov/Education" and etc. That was sly of them ...


It's after buying off people like Dell (With their "record holding after-sale satisfaction records"...) that you realise how good Apple are at such things.