different background on two monitors?


hey, anybody know how to have different background pictures on two monitors?

right now, whatever I set the background to sets both monitors with the same picture.

any ideas?
I don't think you can. Obviously Mac OS X is not done yet, and many things are not quite finished. Especially when relating to two monitors. Such as this: try unplugging your monitor while your computer is off (or before you restart) and then see if you can start up. This is, of course, a bug, not something that's unfinished. Anyway, yeah, I'm pretty sure you can't have different desktops for two monitors. Yet.
I use TinkerTool to disable the desktop. Unfortunately this eliminates the desktop picture so all I have is blue.

Still I prefer no desktop picture to the big sucing sound of productivity down the drain when keeping the Desktop visible.

Death to the Desktop!