Disable transperacy in OS X?


Is there any way to disable transperent menus and inactive windows in OS X to make it run faster? I have a lot of Favorites in IE and the menu redraws sluggish


There is a utility program to do that, and it will only make a difference on a G3 with an older video card. It will also make OS X look ugly. I cannot remember the name of it, and it will remove drop shadows. I ran it on my cube and noticed no apparent speed increase.
Check at versiontracker.com


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It's called ShadowKiller (I think all one word) but you should realise that all menus and windows have an Alpha channel, and this program simply tells it to ignore that. The results can be pretty ugly, and it will only make a difference on systems that don't support alpha-masking on the video chip.

I'd consider another browser, IE is generally quick and stable but there are other options.


yes, i found shadowkiller, but it only got rid of shadows, the menus where still transparent... but thanks anyway:)