divx converter quits


I am usign the QT plugin to run divx and AVI2mov to convert films from .avi so i get proper sound. but today after working with some film prosject with a friend..the AVI2mov converter stopped working..i think i had converted like 8 movies..when it suddenly quits..and i get up the error message u know..i rebooting comp and trying other movies and the same movie again..and it does not work..it keeps quit and that error message is coming..any suggestion why this stopped working?


I'm running into the same problem... I converted a couple files with the Avi2Mov tool from .avi to .mov and they played great.

On about the fifth movie, the converter quit. I relaunched, tried to convert again; it let me select the source, and let me select where to save it, but it quit as soon as I touched the convert button.

I reinstalled, rebooted, and same thing.

Any one have any ideas to try?



I had this problem too. But i cam to find out that everytime it quit on me it was because the movie i was trying to convert is either in use by another app or the movie is not finsihed and when i mean not finish i mean like dl a movie and trying to convert it b4 the dl even finishes after that i had no problems at all.


Ok I have suffered witht the same problems you guys are talking about.

Try this application to get around the problem

DIVOSX Tool 1.2

This will allow you to export the audio and the Video file then use imovie or similiar to save in what ever format you wish.