If you login to the Aqua interface as Root you will currupt your finder and OSX will act buggy and crash, causing you to REINSTALL!!


I hope Apple fixes this bug, as ther are some important things i need to do in the GUI as Root!
I'll admit to not regularly logging in as root, however the few times that I have, I have not experienced any problems.

Usually when I did log in as root I went in, did what I needed to do, then came out again. However I can not think of many things that actually require root access. The only reason I went in last time was to delete an application that I had installed as root and replace it with one owned by myself.

What are you needing to do? Perhaps you can use terminal & SU yourself to do the job (if you REALLY need root access)

I've been logged as root for six consecutive days and no problems have surfaced. Solid so far and running a full array of web services. I have been trying to push this pup to see when it'll give but nothing as far as regular commands and requests is concerned.
I've only ever logged in, NOT as root once...
I'm always in as root and I've never had any probs at all.
God now what you did to f*ck up the system ?
Never login as root, it's just a good practice. If you don't know this, then you haven't learned yet, and believe me, you will.
Yeah definately agree, logging in as root aint a good idea, since u can SERIOUSLY mess up your computer.
Being logged in as root allows you to DELETE many files you will never want to get rid of.

So, to be safe, use root only when necessary.
I have only had to log in as root twice, and have not had any problems.

BTW. has anyone had problems logging in? Once, my password just did not work for my admin user (ie normal) account. This followed creating a new machine account for my girl, then loggin in and setting that up. Logged out, tried to log back in as me and .....
would not take my password.

I logged in as root, and created a new user for myself, but at next login, my password worked.


I would really like to be able to su root in the Finder… To change file permissions within the GUI, cause i'm not very good with chmod… Apple, please add an "authenticate user" button in the file permissions settings panel !