DragThing 4.2 !


Just installed and when I tried to move my old "alias" from the dock the Dock seems to crash or reload :(
I can't remove it and when I deleted the com.dock prefs file the dock became the standard size ect. Now the dock can't find IE 5 and mail app (since I moved the to another folder called Internet) but I can't remove the ? from the dock either (IE and mail)

Anybody with the right solution (terminal solutions are welcome) :)
Humm I tried to delete the mac.sym and the mach... the the machine wouldn't start... I just had a broken folder like one from system 6-7 except it was broken apart !!!! Hummm what to do... booted from the CD (10.1 5G64) and reinstalled without deleting... After the reboot every thing was fine again... man you guys believe... and my dock worked normal again :) !!!!
Just wished I knew why ??:p