du vs df - misreported disk usage on OS X?


Hi - have an Xserve head node with 3x233Gb disks in.

All disks have the same name 'Portal'

At the moment OS X is telling me that (well before I rebooted) that disk usage on one disk was 100%. However I cannot for the life of me tell where this space is going!

I had a Users home directory misreporting iteself as many gigs, but on deleting his files, this reported a normal size. Here is my output from du:

biocluster:/ root# du -sh -c *
278M Applications
4.0K Desktop DB
4.0K Desktop DF
908M Developer
0B Groups
1.1G Library
19K Network
64K Shared Items
1.2G System
19G Users
1.8G Volumes
1.5K automount
3.4M bin
54G common
0B cores
80G dev
4.0K etc
16K formatdb.log
4.0K mach
560K mach.sym
3.7M mach_kernel
4.4M man
4.0K njmorris
41M opt
276M private
2.0M sbin
162M sw
4.0K tmp
1.3G usr
4.0K var
160G total

and from df:

Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on
/dev/disk0s3 234G 233G 401M 100% /
devfs 96K 96K 0B 100% /dev
fdesc 1.0K 1.0K 0B 100% /dev
<volfs> 512K 512K 0B 100% /.vol
/dev/disk4s3 1.4T 258M 1.4T 0% /Volumes/raid2
/dev/disk3s3 1.4T 258M 1.4T 0% /Volumes/raid1
/dev/disk2s3 234G 1.8G 232G 1% /Volumes/Portal 1
/dev/disk1s3 234G 49M 234G 0% /Volumes/Portal 2
automount -nsl [683] 0B 0B 0B 100% /Network
automount -fstab [687] 0B 0B 0B 100% /automount/Servers
automount -static [687] 0B 0B 0B 100% /automount/static

where on earth is this 75Gb discrepancy coming from?!!?

just curious :(


Repair the disks/permissions that may help. Do you have file vault enabled? Other than that its a disk/permission issue from what I see.
I just ran du -sh -c * on mine and guess what it reported. Down at the bottom where you have 160G mine says 15G, my space usage is 5GB. It's a 20GB (18.6GB) hard drive. Also I have a 30GB External with 3GB Used so 8GB total leaves 42GB of space left for me. So I dunno where it's getting these numbers from. Unless it's not counting what it can't count like special folders. So I'm wondering if that is how much space you have left. So its taking the rounded area and adding it up for as many hard drives or that. I'm not sure entirely. Wish I could be of more help.