DVD-R media compatible w/SuperDrive?


I just got an 800 mHz eMac with SuperDrive. I am looking to purchase additional blank DVD-R media that is compatible with the SuperDrive and is of good quality. I am mainly going to use the Superdive to backup important large files, so I want to make sure that the media won't fail with age.

Ebay has lots of DVD-R media for sale -- some at less than $1 per 4.7 GB disk! However, I am afraid that these disks are cheaply manufactured and won't keep their integrity over time.

The Apple-branded DVD-R discs are relatively expensive (~$5/disc), so I am looking for something less expensive. Any suggestions on other brands to purchase?

Thanks, Eric


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Aslong as they are DVD-R disks they should work just fine, as far as quality I don't know. I would give them a whirl though. :)


I use Ritek brand discs from Rima.com and have never had a problem with them. Meritline.com also offers good discs which I have used before. I think they currently have a promotion going on. Check Dealmac.com for daily promotions.


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Make sure you use 2x speed disks, the new 1-4x disks, even from Pioneer that make the superdirve, will only write at 1x. 2x disks will however write at 2x. Go figure! I know not why.


Ritek DvDs are probably the best value for your money. They use the exact same dye as the $5 Pioneer DvDs and a lot of the other top-of-the-line DvDs. You can get Ritek DvDs for about $.80(US) each and they work absolutely flawlessly. They will even burn at 2x with the latest firmware on the Superdrives.

Check out Pricewatch for places that you can get them, as well as the latest prices.