Earthlink ADSL


I am setting up EarthLink ADSL for small-business they got a new Modem/router Netopia 4652 on a MAC lan
I call ISP to find out what settings the modem/router was configure they tell me NAT is desable and
DHCP is not Turn on that I would have to e-mail them with the settings I will need.

Now this ADSL package came with 5 static IP addresses in the 66.149.42.xx if I use one of those ip addresses on my laptop connected directly to the modem I am able to connect to the web

they are about 20 computers connected to a switch on this LAN none of then have Internet connection at this time

now my question is those the ISP need to enable NAT and turn on DHCP ?

those connecting a router to the modem will cancel the need off NAT and DHCP on the ADSL modem?

At this time there is a Air port extreme router I can use

what should be the proper way to give internet acess to those computers

thank you for your assistance