Excel 2004 - disable macro message


In Excel 2004, I created a macro. I then deleted it using the Tools --> Macros... dialog box. I still get the message about enabling/disabling macros when I open the file. I have tried using the VBA Editor to delete it, but I don't see a "Module 1" (or anything else for that matter) that contains the macro.

I know I can turn off the macro warning in the preferences, but I'd rather figure out why I'm getting the message and get rid of it without turning off the macro warnings.

Any other ideas?




I have searched all over to find a way to remove a macro in Excel that isn't there. Meaning you can't just go to "Tools > Macro> Macros> 'delete'" because it does not show there is one. But when you first open the file it does ask if you want macros enabled, very irritating when you are opening a particular worksheet 50 times a day. I didn't see anyone respond, so here is how I fixed my problem.

I opened the old workbook and created a new one. I created the same amount of tabs and named them the exact same way as the old one, then I copied the work sheets from the old document into the new document (making sure I'm highlighting the whole worksheet). When I finished the copy and paste, I closed the new document (saved of course) and then reopened it to see if it asked me if I would like to "edit links" "update" or "ignore links" I chose "ignore" (if you don't get this message then you should be fine), then I went to find one of the links for example "=SUM('[Customer Service Reports.xls]Jun 08'!B12:B25)" the "[Customer Service Reports.xls]" is the old file. If your tabs are exactly the same as they were in the old one, just hit "apple, F" or go to "Edit>Find" and type in the [whatever file name it is] then hit the "replace" button, make sure that the search entails "workbook" and not "worksheet" then push "replace all" (make sure that the "Replace" bar is blank) and that should get rid of the macro issue. Delete the old one and rename the new one and you are all set.