File Permissions.



I'm having a few problems with file permissions on our Mac OS X server.

I've set up a folder which is accessable by a group of users on our network, but the problem I'm having is that if one user saves a document or creates a folder in the shared folder, it is read-only to everyone else but the person who created it.

I have set the permissions of the folder that is shared so that the group has read-write access, and I have set the behaviour so that new files inherit the permissions from the parent folder but none of this has helped.

Has anyone got any ideas of what i'm doing wrong?



How are you sharing the folder? AFP vs SMB vs NFS, etc. Also, where are you setting these permissions?

This should all be done in Workgroup Manager.

Also, what version of the OS are you using?



Did you find an answer to your problem? I'm having a similar problem with a 10.4 OSX Tiger server. My students can create folders and share them but they can NOT share individual files.

I created group folders and added group members to the folder's ACL and it stil doesn't work.

How do you set up an OSX 10.4 server so all files and folders in a shared folder share the same read & write permissions? PLEASE HELP!!

Todd Benrud


Staff member
You'd have to set up the umask so that files created by that group are owned by the group and rw for the group. However, I personally have no idea where to set that in Mac OS X Server...


For server 10.4.x if its an all Mac network, you can turn on ACL ( Access Control List ) and set the group your students are in on ACL for RW access. This is done in the Workgroup Manager app, where you set the shares and permissions. Dont add the users individually, as them as 1 group. Just make sure all the students are in the same group that you added to the ACL. This should work. If not make sure the server is up to date on all its patches with Software Update.

I havent found an answer to completely remove the problem on 10.3 - so if someone knows, I too would like it.
But I have figures out a work around. If they do an Apple+I (Info) on the enclosing folder, and look at the permissions, then click the "Apply to all enclosed items" button then it should temporarily allow them to use the file. Like I said, its only a workaround.


I managed to get around the problem, it turns out what I was doing wrong was that the folder I had set the permissions was inside the Groups folder which was being mounted at login, I have moved the location of the folder to Shared Items, turned on NFS for it and set it to be mounted at login for anyone in that group. It seems to be OK now.

Thanks for your help.