final release for Quake3 on OS X ...?


Smiling 'till death
according to MacNN, The final release of Quake3 for OS X was put up for download by IDSoftware. I thought to myself, "Sweet! Finnaly!" so i went, downloaded it, installed it, ran it, and , whats this?!? starting classic!?!?! WTF!!! has anyone else come accross this problem? are they serious? build an os x installer and then install a classic application???? i did the get info and it seriously said "Classic Application". anyone know where i can find a REAL OS X version of Quake3? would be nice to play outside of classic.
the game maybe is good, but because of the sensitivity of the mouse under X, I can't play any game at all. Mouse is still the problem for game playing.
There is a sit for osX, the installer in both is by vise and is carbon, so it works in both 9 and X. Make sure you grab the right sit ;)

I was lucky enough for a friend to send me just the .app for q3 1.30 since I had downloaded the classic quake3 stuff and did not wish to re-download 24 megs of useless files. The osX sit also comes with a dedicated server binary.

As far as performance, with osX 10.1/q3 1.30 I've gained 15 frames and then some since 10.0.4 / q3 1.29f.

For better mouse handling in osX q3 make sure you set in_mouselowendslope and in_mousehighendcutoff to either really low, or as I have it set, "0". I also have mouse filtering turned off. 1.30 for osX seems to have removed the in_macmousedivider setting. But I really didnt search for it (or its replacement) yet.

Its pretty good as far as q3 upgrades go, considering this time I gained frames ;) ever since 1.17, often considered the 'holy grail' of q3, its been a steady decrease in fps each patch :D Until now.
They released updates for both OS X and OS 9 .sit files.
You have to find the right one and download it. You probably got the OS 9 one.

Try downloading the file here:

That's where I got it from. :)