Ftp Server for mac os 9/x


Does anyone know a GOOD ftp server for mac os 9 or x. i have tried rumpus and crush ftp and they both really suck. Thanx.


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Crush FTP works well for me in OS X....but its written in Java, so it may be slow in OS 9...
Out of curiousity, what machine do you have?


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Something wrong with the included ftp server?

I'd think it would be way better than a java server!

Just wondering

(BTW, if you are wondering wtf I'm talking about, to into System Preferences, and click 'Sharing'.)


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Well, it sounds like your machine is powerful enough to run Crush. I know you want an alternative, but I am curious, what exactly is your beef with Crush? Whats wrong with it? Also, the developer of CrushFTP is really great about support regarding his product, another reason why I like it.


I really recommend using Hotline on its own or with the Hotline community it works with no issues under either platform 9/X you will need the server running on one end.

Hotline Client 1.8.5 and Hotline Server are both available at macdownload.com or download.com for classic and X (Freeware)