Fully Qualified Domain Name???


How do I setup my computer with a fully qualified domain name? I have impro.com registered with register.com and my webserver works fine but i need to get an imap server and smtp server going. How do i setup my domain stuff in Netinfo. I cant use, the /etc/hosts file i was told.

I'd like to know also. Many folks at my office ran the Public Beta, but the method to set mac's hostname must have changed since then. Trolling through the NetInfo application does not suggest anything.
I can't find anywhere to specify the stuff. My machine magically grabbed the info from the network.

It looks like reverse address lookup took care of it, and that doesn't help you guys out at all. They took it out, and I'm not sure where if anywhere they put it. They did put in some nicestuff for single link multi homing though. :)
The solution to your problem is in /etc/hostconfig. This file is used instead of NetInfo to set the basic networking options. You'll need to reboot after changing it though. I've not figured out how to restart networking fully without a reboot.

you can use the "hostname" command to set the hostname without rebooting.

It appears that in /System/Library/StartupItems/Network it uses /etc/hostconfig "HOSTNAME" to first check, then if that's not set, it tries ipconfig which probably does a reverselookup, or perhaps some kind of netinfo lookup (there's no manpage).

I am happy to confirm that editing /etc/hostconfig did the job!

default in /etc/hostconfig


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