Getting OS X to forward mail.


I'm quite some newbie on OS X.

And I was wondering, what would the easiest config for email forwarding on Mac OS X server 2.0 look like?

I only want to forward incoming mail (account@localhost) to another address (

Do I need any third party applications?
If I'm following your question right, then this should be pretty simple. When logged in as the user that the account is for, simply type

echo "" > ~/.forward

and then

chmod 600 ~/.forward

This should do what you're asking for.

P.S. This will work assuming sendmail is set up correctly and running. If that isn't true, say so, and someone can post on how to set that up right.
You can also use sendmail's alias file.

You would do this especially if you want to forward mail for people for whom you have NOT created an account on your server.

If you have one or two users, then .forward files are fine, but otherwise the necessity to setup accounts and to maintain them is pretty cumbersome compared to using the alias file. And don't forget,
every end user account on your server is another security hole.

Once you are talking 20 or 30 users, forget about doing it manually.
It is simply not a "scaleable" solution.