Giants: Citizen Kabuto


What do you guys think of Giants? Is it stable, good game play? I'm thinking about it, but I wanted to get some opinions. Also how are the graphics and playability? I have a TiBook 667 16mb radeon, so I guess it would play on mine.

Any thoughts?
Cooooollll game !!!!

A hole new world and game play... !!!

But yepper there is a but... It tend to lock up and freeze (some files are for some reason defective) :(

But for sure nice after a fix...
the game is awesome. unfortunately there are some bugs. lots of sound problems. i have a 16mb rage card and i get really crappy framerate b/c the worlds are huge and whatnot. it runs ok but you might want a better vid card. only other bad thing is they have yet to release the multiplayer patch. its fun though, delphi is a fun fun character
It should work fine on your Ti. It's well worth the money to spend, and it's just an awsome world! The gameplay is nice too! But like the others said: there are some minor bugs here and there...